About us

    Digital oil painting, also known as digital painting and coded oil painting, which is to process the painting into lines and digital symbols through a special process. The painter only need pain the color to the filling area accordingly by the color number. They are popular in Europe, America, Japan, and South Korea. It combines leisure, decoration, gifts, and learning functions. It can enable people without the basics of painting to immediately draw an amazing work of art and enjoy the endless process of painting.

        Presently, we offer 2 types of products services. One is picking the patterns we have in stock online. Another one is you can upload your favorite pictures on our exclusive custom page. We will design a piece of your own oil paintings based on the photos you provide. We have two options: classic 24 colors, high-definition 36 colors, and can be customized according to your size. What are you waiting for?

    Whether it is to relax the pressure of your leisure time, parent-child interaction, or to give away gifts every holiday, digital painting is your best choice . It would be a great achievement to draw a painting of your own by yourself!

Company Name:Fdext C.Ltd
Company Address: Endeavour House 3rd Floor,Coopers End Road,Stansted,CM24 1SJ,United Kingdom